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How You Can Get (Back) in Shape, Conquer Your Fears and Find Peace of Mind — in 15 Minutes

Time — is there ever enough of it?

It sure doesn’t feel like it. There’s always…something.

So what time does that leave for you? When are you supposed to take care of yourself?

6 Reasons You Should NOT Take Cold Showers

Cold showers.

For much of my life, they were a symbol of defeat.

But over the last few years, cold showers have become the epitome of victory.

12 Reasons Doughnuts Are Good For You

This is not your standard self-improvement article.

Many self-improvement articles are about discipline and deprivation.

But here, instead of focusing on pain, we focus on pleasure. And there aren’t many things more pleasurable than a doughnut.

Why I Can’t Take a Compliment

“You are a phenomenal husband!”

That’s what my mother said to me after hearing about how I’d cleaned the house while my wife was out of town.

I do not bring this up to gloat.

I bring this up because, upon hearing someone tell me I was phenomenal, I felt anything but.

My Father Abandoned Me as a Child. Should I Contact Him?

As my mother-the-therapist says, everything starts with the parents.

The relationship we have with our mom and dad sets the foundation for our life’s story.

In this week’s advice column, we help a reader head down the path toward healing — which begins with healing herself.