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How to Beat the Morning Blues

Monday mornings often feel like, well, Monday mornings.

The relaxation of the weekend is in the rearview, and the responsibility of the workweek stretches to its fullest extent before you.

Which is why I’ve started leaning on the sound of music.

Why You Should Stay in Bed

I rarely get to sleep in on Sunday mornings, because Sunday mornings are for playing golf with my father.

But yesterday I slept in. And it was glorious.

3 Steps to Stop Being a People-Pleaser


Though the term carries a negative connotation, being a people-pleaser has helped me become a loyal friend, dependable employee and devoted husband and son.

Still, when you’re so focused on everybody else, you end up losing sight of yourself.

End Each Evening With These Reflections

Earlier this week, I wrote about why you should start each morning writing in the Five Minute Journal.

What I failed to mention is that the journal also includes a section that must be filled out in the evening.

And while it’s shorter, it’s just as helpful.

Stop Listening to Yourself

We’re taught to trust our instincts and follow our gut. And we should.

But too often we conflate our instincts and gut with our misleading inner voice.