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Should I Stay With My High School Sweetheart

When you grow up in a relationship, you can struggle to grow up as an individual. Everything is filtered through a couple’s prism.

So what do you do when you start thinking of going it alone?

Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

Like many, the first chore I was assigned as a kid was to make my bed every morning. And like many, I resisted.

Why should I do that? I was just going to mess it up again that night. What was the point?

As always, though, my parents won out. And eventually, they won me over.

Keep It Between The Lines

Why can’t people park between the lines? How hard is that to do?

My pet peeve plea: Don’t be that guy.

An Enthusiasm For Failure

To change, you have to want to change.

And part of wanting to change is having the willingness to endure the discomfort, embarrassment and face-planting that’s inherent to transformation.

How to Beat the Morning Blues

Monday mornings often feel like, well, Monday mornings.

The relaxation of the weekend is in the rearview, and the responsibility of the workweek stretches to its fullest extent before you.

Which is why I’ve started leaning on the sound of music.