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When You’re Struggling to Make a Decision, Ask Yourself This Question

“I don’t know.”

As someone who struggles to make decisions, I’ve uttered that phrase more than anyone should utter any phrase.

But in 2013, those three little words transformed from a common refrain to a crippling state of mind.

How You Can Get (Back) in Shape, Conquer Your Fears and Find Peace of Mind — in 15 Minutes

Time — is there ever enough of it?

It sure doesn’t feel like it. There’s always…something.

So what time does that leave for you? When are you supposed to take care of yourself?

6 Reasons You Should NOT Take Cold Showers

Cold showers.

For much of my life, they were a symbol of defeat.

But over the last few years, cold showers have become the epitome of victory.

12 Reasons Doughnuts Are Good For You

This is not your standard self-improvement article.

Many self-improvement articles are about discipline and deprivation.

But here, instead of focusing on pain, we focus on pleasure. And there aren’t many things more pleasurable than a doughnut.

Why I Can’t Take a Compliment

“You are a phenomenal husband!”

That’s what my mother said to me after hearing about how I’d cleaned the house while my wife was out of town.

I do not bring this up to gloat.

I bring this up because, upon hearing someone tell me I was phenomenal, I felt anything but.