Writer. Peanut butter and chocolate enthusiast.

My Elevator Pitch


I realized I failed to introduce myself yesterday. How rude of me.

Given the topics I’ll be writing about, we’ll get to know each other a lot better as we go along. But I wanted to get the basics on record.

The more you know about where my words are coming from, the more they’ll make sense.


My name is Brent. I’m 39 years old, and I live in Houston, TX, the city in which I was raised. I’ve been married to my wife, Emily, for two years, but we’ve been together for over eight.

Yes, I take awhile to take action.

In my day job, I write for three magazines — one that focuses on retirement, two that focus on travel. The parent company I work for is a large travel agency, and the publications are used, in part, as a marketing tool for the tours and cruises they sell.

No, I do not get to go on these tours and cruises.

I can quote every episode of “Seinfeld”; I believe chocolate — not jelly — is peanut butter’s true soul mate; and when I’m not irrationally obsessing about the Texas Longhorns’ football and basketball teams (my alma mater), I’m rehearsing my golf swing in an elevator mirror.

Nice to meet you.


This article originally appeared on 100 Naked Words.

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