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How to Beat the Morning Blues

Monday mornings often feel like, well, Monday mornings.

The relaxation of the weekend is in the rearview, and the responsibility of the workweek stretches to its fullest extent before you.

The weight of your world never seems heavier. And it’s tempting to want to crawl back beneath the covers.

That’s a feeling I constantly fight. And the fight gets that much tougher when my inner voice seconds that feeling.

To combat these forces, I’ve started leaning on the sound of music.

I rarely listen to the radio anymore, instead opting for podcasts. Which I love, because they feature people I like talking about topics I’m interested in.

The problem, though, is that their energy level often mirrors my own. There’s just a limited amount of excitement to be gleaned from hearing people speak.

So like a boxer entering the ring or a batter striding to the plate, I now turn on a little theme music as I’m cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.

Though the songs vary from day to day, their impact remains the same:

They get the blood flowing and my karaoke voice going, all the while softening the edge I’ve been sporting since my alarm first went off. Maybe it’s not so bad to be awake after all.

And by the time I dry the last dish, I’m ready to head upstairs to make my bed — not get back into it.


This article originally appeared on 100 Naked Words.

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