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Don’t Take It Personally

“It’s not about me.”

This is something I often tell myself.

Although, sadly, I don’t always believe it. Which is why the repeated reminders are required.

On my commute today, I got stuck behind a car going approximately 6 to 8 mph below the speed limit. This is the type of thing that drives me insane. The gas pedal’s on the right…use it!

I could feel the anger/frustration/resentment advancing through my gut and into my chest. I was personally offended.

Why won’t this person get out of my way???

I don’t know when this self-centered streak first surfaced. But it’s been surfacing more than I’d prefer, in more situations than I’d prefer.

And whenever it does, and that narcissistic inner dialogue takes hold, I try to counteract it by reiterating that whatever is happening around me is not about me.

That guy taking forever in the grocery store checkout line isn’t trying to make me late; he’s trying to make sure he’s got everything his family needs.

That person who started walking onto the elevator before I could get off wasn’t purposefully being inconsiderate; she just thought the elevator was already empty.

And that car that cut me off didn’t even cut me off; it was just changing lanes so it didn’t miss its exit.

Everyone has their own lives, meaning they don’t have the time or energy to worry about mine.

The world is not out to get me. I’m just not that important.

What a relief…


This originally appeared on 100 Naked Words.

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