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30 Days of Joy: New Energy Breeds New Results

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Note: This article is the next step in my challenge to find joy in something — anything — every day for 30 days. Today’s entry is part 17.

As much as I rely on routine, I think it’s wise to tweak it every once in awhile.

For nearly two years, I’ve eaten the same thing every weekday for lunch:

Tuna salad and lentil vegetable soup.

I’ve only deviated when I’ve met people out or celebrated special occasions, like a friend’s birthday.

But if it’s been a standard workday, that’s been my menu.

That changes today.

Today, I will be eating a different type of salad and soup:

Chicken salad and country vegetable.

My wife found a new recipe for chicken salad, and I’m trying a new brand of canned soup.

And I’m excited.

New endeavors breed new energy, which ideally breeds new results.

After all, George Costanza was one of the most downtrodden losers in TV history — until he decided to start doing the opposite of everything he’d been doing.

And what was the first thing on which he did a 180?

His lunch order.

And how did his lunch order change?

From tuna to chicken salad.

That’s gotta be a sign, right?


This originally appeared on 100 Naked Words.

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