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I Prefer Monogamy, But I Don’t Want to Miss Out on Being Single

A different girl every night.

That’s the single guy’s dream, right?

For many, yes.

But it wasn’t for me. And it isn’t for this advice-seeker.

My Wife Doesn’t Think I’m Masculine Enough

Given its high stakes and deep-rooted emotions, when a marriage falls out of balance, it can feel almost impossible to get it back in alignment.

But in this week’s advice column, one husband’s plight reveals how complicated problems often require simple solutions.

Healing a Broken Heart — While Hanging Out With the Person Who Broke It

In the year-plus I’ve been writing this advice column, I’ve written multiple articles about how to get over heartbreak.

And each time, I’ve included the same piece of advice:

Sever ties with the person who broke your heart.

But I’m not going to do that here.

Sex Isn’t the Answer

When you’re in a long-term relationship, there’s a never-ending string of reasons why you and your partner might drift apart.

Here are three ways you can reconnect.

Man’s Search for Meaning

The search for ourselves is ongoing, if not never-ending. Anyone who tells you they’ve got it figured out is lying to you, and themselves.

And this search only intensifies in times of transition, regardless of age.