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The Case Against Boycotting

When it comes to a cause/ideology/belief, is any form of support a show of support?

At what point do you cross over from making a concession to being complicit?

The Polite Way to Tell Someone They’re (Doing Something) Disgusting

Not cleaning up after yourself. Stealing someone’s sandwich from the communal refrigerator. Funkifying the entire floor by reheating last night’s salmon in the microwave.

What do you do when someone commits an office faux pas?

What “Seinfeld” Taught Us About Friendship


Like romantic relationships, the healthiest friendships are built on trust, loyalty and a respect for certain boundaries.

And when a friend crosses those boundaries, the “Show about nothing” will teach you everything you need to know about how to handle it.

Should I Stay With My High School Sweetheart

When you grow up in a relationship, you can struggle to grow up as an individual. Everything is filtered through a couple’s prism.

So what do you do when you start thinking of going it alone?

3 Steps to Stop Being a People-Pleaser


Though the term carries a negative connotation, being a people-pleaser has helped me become a loyal friend, dependable employee and devoted husband and son.

Still, when you’re so focused on everybody else, you end up losing sight of yourself.