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Why I Should’ve Talked Back To My Parents

Girl Shushing

I still remember it clearly. I was in fourth grade, sitting at the dinner table as my parents and brother argued. Again. He was struggling with algebra, they wanted to get him a tutor. 60 Minutes-worthy stuff, I know, but given our family’s Pollyanna-ness, these altercations registered as war.

As the voices around me rose, the voice in my head found clarity: I would never talk back. Ever.

I’m Going To Be Old — Will I Be Ready?


A few months ago, I endured the unpleasantness that is the annual health checkup. When I asked my doctor for an overall assessment of my situation, he explained I was healthy, and my exam had revealed no red flags. Yes, there were issues to watch for, but I hadn’t reached the age at which those issues were a concern — yet.

Why Do I Dread Sunday Nights?


My professional career path has zigged as much as it’s zagged. Manual labor, administrative inundations, soul-siphoning corporate bidding — my mishmashed resume is as coherent as a toddler’s cry for his sippy cup.

But last year I became a full-time contributor to three print magazines, which has been as rewarding as I’d hoped. For the first time in some time, going to work doesn’t feel like colonoscopy prep.

And yet, I still dread Sunday nights.

Tales of a First-Time Homeowner

Home disaster

For most things in life, acquisition requires qualification. This is true of purchasing a home. Credit checks, tax returns, loan applications — these all must be evaluated before anyone hands over any keys. And while such analyses assess your capability of buying a house, they don’t address your capacity for caring for a house.

Which is why I’m allowed to own one.

Why Do I Read My Articles’ Comments Section?

In November 2014, my article “Am I Too Much of an Adult to Still Be a Sports Fan?” was published by Yahoo.

This was huge for me. And as I clicked on the story, barely able to conceal my excitement, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Then I scrolled to the comments section.