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Is Time on Our Side?

Why would anyone want to be constantly reminded of their death?

That’s the question addressed in the second edition of “On the Clock,” my video series in which I explore what it’s like living with a countdown clock — a clock that’s counting down to the (theoretical) end of my life.

I also explain what I hope to get out of this experiment — and what you can too.

What Would You Do if You Knew When You Were Going to Die?

How would you feel? How would you change? How would you live?

Well, that’s what I’d like to find out.

Welcome to my new video series, which will document my experiences living with a countdown clock — a clock that is counting down to the (theoretical) end of my life.

When You’re Struggling to Make a Decision, Ask Yourself This Question

“I don’t know.”

As someone who struggles to make decisions, I’ve uttered that phrase more than anyone should utter any phrase.

But in 2013, those three little words transformed from a common refrain to a crippling state of mind.

How You Can Get (Back) in Shape, Conquer Your Fears and Find Peace of Mind — in 15 Minutes

Time — is there ever enough of it?

It sure doesn’t feel like it. There’s always…something.

So what time does that leave for you? When are you supposed to take care of yourself?

6 Reasons You Should NOT Take Cold Showers

Cold showers.

For much of my life, they were a symbol of defeat.

But over the last few years, cold showers have become the epitome of victory.