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30 Days of Joy: Field of Dreams

Houston Astros against the Toronto Blue Jays

A few weeks ago, it was fried chicken that transported me back to childhood.

This weekend, it was baseball.

30 Days of Joy: A Routine Celebration

Routine gets a bad rap, while spontaneity gets all the glory.

And though I need to be more spontaneous, I need my routine even more.

30 Days of Joy: Get Up…Now

Every morning, I wake up before work to exercise.

And every morning, it keeps getting harder and harder to do so.

I don’t know why this is.

30 Days of Joy: When the Stars Align

Over the last couple months, I’ve written repeatedly about my attempts at finding joy in the small things.

It’s been a challenge at which I’ve repeatedly failed.

But yesterday, I succeeded. And today, I’d like to celebrate that success.

30 Days of Joy: The Virtue of Slowing Down

Recently, I wrote about the affirmation that could change your life.

Last week, I decided to start writing it out by hand — and immediately felt a shift in the process.

This morning, I had to shift the process again.