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Where Should We Go?

Here’s a ridiculous confession:

There are few roles I resist more than being the guy who picks the restaurant.

Full Effort Equals Full Victory

Any growth you experience, be it physical or emotional, falls in direct correlation with how much you’re willing to put into achieving it.

The Importance of Commitment

For the last 10 months, I’ve been taking improv comedy classes.

Improv was always one of those things that scared the hell out of me — yet I knew I had to find the nerve to do.

And last summer, I did.

This Tiny Gesture Will Brighten Your Day

Are you an outgoing person?

I’m not. I’m quiet, I’m shy and I’m adept at avoiding human interaction.

But recently, in an attempt to swim against my self-defeating currents, I’ve tried breaking from this antisocial behavior.

Start Each Morning Doing This

Want to get every day off on the right foot?

Try the Five Minute Journal.

I’ve seen it discussed on Medium before, which inspired me to give it a shot. It’s only been about a week, but I’m already a convert.