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Can Exercise Inspire More Than Just Physical Growth?

Man exercising

A body at rest remains at rest. The imprints on my couch prove true Newton’s first law of motion. I want to engage, but too often I’m met with a wall of resistance.

But recently I discovered there’s a second part to Newton’s first law, and it holds the key to breaking through:

A body in motion remains in motion.

Why I Hate Being a Sports Fan

Texas Rose Bowl

I was born into a University of Texas family, and I was raised within a burnt orange shadow — meaning at a young age, I fell for the Longhorns. Hard.

For pathetic or worse, some of the seminal moments of my life have involved UT athletics. Which raises the question:

What’s wrong with me?

How Much Have I Actually Changed Since High School?

High school library

This was not the original idea. The original idea was to explain everything I’d do differently if I could do high school again.

But the more I considered it, the more I wondered: If given the chance, was I truly capable of rewriting my experience, or would I be destined to let history repeat itself?

4 Things That Have Changed Since I Got Married

Hand in hand

I dated my wife for over five years before she became my fiancee. I took so long because, emotionally, I wasn’t ready to be a husband, but I also struggled to make sense of marriage. Weren’t we already exactly like a married couple? So what was going to change?

More than I thought, actually.

All Was Well — Then My Fiancee Got Cancer

Brent and Emily Stoller

Which band do we want? What color should the groomsmen wear? Can our rehearsal dinner video montage be made to resemble A-Ha’s “Take on Me”? For my fiancée, Emily, and me, the planning process for our wedding was routine.

Until 32 days before “I do,” when a new entry was Sharpie’d onto our to-do list: