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Advice for the Modern Man: 5 Ways to Determine If It’s Time to Break Up


As hard as it is to find the right romantic partner, it can be equally difficult to figure out if you got it wrong. How do you know if your relationship is over, or if it’s still worth fighting for?

Your answers to the five questions outlined inside will let you know if you should stay or go.

Advice for the Modern Man: The No. 1 Rule About Breakups


Breakups are an all-or-nothing thing. You’re either broken up, or you’re not; there is no happy middle ground. If you want to reap their benefits, and if you want to move forward, you have to follow through on them, no matter how tough it gets.

And when you do, you might be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

Advice for the Modern Man: Love Doesn’t Conquer All

Sad man

While it’s the foundation of every romantic relationship, love is just one of the many factors that determines whether or not a couple will make it.

A reader struggles to let go when her long-distance boyfriend says goodbye.

Advice for the Modern Man: How Do I Get My Ex To Leave Me Alone?

Couple breaking up

The post-breakup world is a wasteland of emotions. While communication between the two parties should cease as soon as possible, a certain amount is necessary, so each person can process his or her feelings and gain closure.

But there’s an etiquette to these exchanges — what you can say, how often you can say it and how long you can say it for — and whether you got dumped or did the dumping dictates how you are to conduct yourself.

Advice for the Modern Man: How To Get Over a Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Everybody gets over breakups in their own way. Some people need to get busy; others need to wallow in their misery.

But no matter how you go about it, you’ll never achieve closure until you complete these three steps.