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Advice for the Modern Man: Workplace Woes

Frustrated worker

Aside from the lucky few whose career doubles as their passion, getting up and going to work can be a challenge. And it gets that much harder when you clash with your co-workers and boss.

So what do you do when your workplace turns against you?

Advice for the Modern Man: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Image

In today’s world of 24/7 access, it’s never been tougher to locate the sweet spot between professional and personal time.

It’s also never been more important.

Why Do I Dread Sunday Nights?


My professional career path has zigged as much as it’s zagged. Manual labor, administrative inundations, soul-siphoning corporate bidding — my mishmashed resume is as coherent as a toddler’s cry for his sippy cup.

But last year I became a full-time contributor to three print magazines, which has been as rewarding as I’d hoped. For the first time in some time, going to work doesn’t feel like colonoscopy prep.

And yet, I still dread Sunday nights.

How Much Have I Actually Changed Since High School?

High school library

This was not the original idea. The original idea was to explain everything I’d do differently if I could do high school again.

But the more I considered it, the more I wondered: If given the chance, was I truly capable of rewriting my experience, or would I be destined to let history repeat itself?