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3 Steps to Stop Being a People-Pleaser


Though the term carries a negative connotation, being a people-pleaser has helped me become a loyal friend, dependable employee and devoted husband and son.

Still, when you’re so focused on everybody else, you end up losing sight of yourself.

3 Steps for Salvaging a Friendship


Friendships are fragile. Poor communication, a lack of loyalty and disputes small and large are just a few of the things that can cause people to drift apart.

When your relationship gets pushed to the brink, use these strategies to pull it back.

Advice for the Modern Man: Friends Forever?


Friendships are like any relationship. Both parties must be on the same wavelength for the arrangement to survive. And when they’re not, they have to work through whatever roadblocks there are to get back in harmony.

Here, we conduct a text-by-text breakdown of a disagreement between two friends to figure out if their relationship is still salvageable.

Advice for the Modern Man: My Brother’s Keeper


Caring for an emotionally troubled friend is more than a one-man job. And despite your best efforts, when you shoulder that burden alone, you end up doing more harm than good — for both of you.