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Advice for the Modern Man: Love Doesn’t Conquer All

Sad man

While it’s the foundation of every romantic relationship, love is just one of the many factors that determines whether or not a couple will make it.

A reader struggles to let go when her long-distance boyfriend says goodbye.

Advice for the Modern Man: I Love To Be Alone — Is There Something Wrong With Me?


There’s always been this perception that there’s something wrong with being alone. Mention that you went to dinner or a movie by yourself, and most people are bound to respond with some level of pity. (Parents of young children excluded.)

That’s the burden the loner shoulders. In movies, he’s been depicted in myriad ways — from aloof and pathetic to mysterious and heroic — but no matter what, he’s always carried with him some level of sadness.

Reading your question, I can’t decide if I should feel sad or not.