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Advice for the Modern Man: The Covenant of the Key

Grand Gesture

When you’re dating someone, you’re constantly on the lookout for signs that your partner is right for you.

And while the perfect gift or display of affection can make your heart sing, the most successful relationships are built on much more than random grand gestures.

Advice for the Modern Man: Those Three Little Words

Couple in love

The first date. The first kiss. The first sleepover disrupted by snoring. In relationships, each new “first” is full of excitement and anxiety, with the occasional dab of embarrassment.

But few “firsts” carry the make-or-break weight of the first “I love you.”

Advice for the Modern Man: Love Doesn’t Conquer All

Sad man

While it’s the foundation of every romantic relationship, love is just one of the many factors that determines whether or not a couple will make it.

A reader struggles to let go when her long-distance boyfriend says goodbye.

4 Things That Have Changed Since I Got Married

Hand in hand

I dated my wife for over five years before she became my fiancee. I took so long because, emotionally, I wasn’t ready to be a husband, but I also struggled to make sense of marriage. Weren’t we already exactly like a married couple? So what was going to change?

More than I thought, actually.