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Let’s Talk About Sex

Romantic couple

Without it, you have friendship. And you have enough friends.

Understandably, addressing something as sensitive as sex can be daunting for everyone involved. But if you incorporate the following three-pronged approach during the discussion, you can get your happy ending.

Advice for the Modern Man: My Sexless Marriage

Sad couple

Sex is more than just a physical thing. It’s how couples connect on an emotional level, as well. And once that component of a relationship is gone, it’s difficult for the relationship to survive.

If you’re no longer attracted to your partner, should you stay or should you go?

Advice for the Modern Man: Why Won’t My Husband Have Sex With Me?

Frustrated Wife

Sex is important. There’s no way around this. It’s THE determining factor that separates romantic relationships from every other kind.

And in this woman’s case, the lack of it in her marriage has her contemplating divorce.